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Sims 2 pets gamecube tips to lose weight: The Sims 2: Pets – Guide and Walkthrough

It's a lot more fun being able to be your Sim, not to mention easier.

Once you get home, there will be a bronze medal cabinet. You pause the game gqmecube enter the code for the gnome quickly. Pick the one that suits you, then press A. He says that you should buy an Elvis costume and Elza won't know the difference. During the day 6 am—8 pma lycanthropic Sim is perfectly normal.

  • Are they for the commercial and to sell the game purposes only??

  • Pets of course will want to interact with their masters, but if multiple pets are on the lot, they'll almost always be interacting with each other.

  • An opaque brown ear marking at the top of the list will be clearly visible over a black head patch which includes the top of head and earbut will be invisible if the order is reversed.

  • First, you create a challenging routine from a list of tricks that your pet knows.

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It isn't too much, but you might want to weigh up the benefits and disadvantages. After they age from that, they go directly to their adult age. For examply, a filthy dog not an insult will start to dig holes and roll around in your garden, even walk into trash. When the fur begins to fly, these pets can usually be seen scurrying in the opposite direction. Now, you will see that praising a pet will generally boost the relationship between master and pet, and scolding will have the opposite effect but this is not always the case.

  • You get the new command of Hunt and Dig Allow your pet to hunt and when the pet makes some noise, use the dig command to dig up the toy.

  • Bye-bye for now!

  • After you win, he wants you to use his easel to create a piece of art to see if it is any good.

Be adopted, put up for adoption, sold, or given to other Weigh. Pets may try to sleep near a Sim or another pet with whom they have a Master, Pack, or Mine Relationship with. The Sim will find it very difficult to walk for the next few minutes. This guide includes information on the entire game from basic Sim life to the newly introduced pets.

  • Change Breed for Sale: The business owner can choose from a random selection of pre-generated pets to specify the breed that will appear in the bin and that autonomous Sims will get when they buy. The bowl is adorned with five green jewels.

  • From 7pm, they will transform from normal Sim self to become a Werewolf, regardless on whether there is a moon shining or clouds blocking out the moonlight.

  • Destroy the itch monster! Becks : u know the way you have kids does dat work on the ps2 version?

  • But hey, you don't have to listen to me!

  • Silverangel : Hi Can you build more than i story on ps2sims2.

This period will last 24 days for small gamecbue and all cats while large dogs will only last 21 days. Another contraband sniffer has just discovered a suspicious bag and a chase has broken out! Continue Pet Care At the top of the screen it will tell you what your pet wants to do.

It will sums much kinder on you wallet, and easier. Even pigpen cats are pretty hygienic. This habit can be moderated somewhat by purchasing chew toys and teaching them to behave. Cats are cleaner than dogs are, for instance, they don't dig holes but they can get into trash. Anyway, in the pet behaviour screen, under the Pet Bio, will list the behaviour and the status of the skill. Forgot your username or password?

The Sims 2 Apartment Life

There is a requirement on the amount of promotions that you need. What do you need help on? In This Wiki Guide. Step 4 is slightly different.

Use treadmill or cheat cas. Wapple finds the sofa and successfully avoids it. I'm surprised skipping doesn't work. You Poke Him On.

He sends you to compete in the Joker competition. This is the only toy that kittens can play with. You might find some furniture, items, etc. Body Dogs Only Each panel has archetypes for its specific region, so Full Face archetypes alter all head features en masse while Ears archetypes will isolate the ears, leaving the rest of the head intact. Bob Hopeman : you have to find another cheat to use knome other wise it is useless. After arriving on the island, the Sim is reunited with some of their lost crew. I dont get it…lol.

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Stack-O-Flames Bonfire. Then, copy any. Sims can Watch the Skunk, but this too eventually agitates the skunk. Ok lets start. In the end, the loser leaves and the winner may or may not use the object.

Cowardly or Aggressive Cowardly pets will lose weight shy, sims pets aggressive pets will be mean, and like to pick gamecube tips with other pets. Simply select the ingredients you want, select the food processor zims go down until it says "Make pet food" Select the option and you can take the food you have and fill the pet dish up with it. Before you can have pets, you might want to create some. Don't forget to name it! To beat it, your Sim must have 10 logic skill points, and must be fairly happy. Still, encouragement in the form of praise is always good insurance. You probably want to move out Buck, since he has a decent sized house and it is not too expensive.

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You direct your Sims to petts with her. You need to listen to your pet in the waking hours then you will have no limit in your abilities. Ok, we have to win the basics competition. Now, off to find a cat. Use the Venom Sucker to remove itch venom before the pet gets too itchy.

  • Joe : i have a question is it possible 2 get a swimmin pool on the ps2 version cos i cant find it…. A pet can claim ownership over only one of each kind of item the one with his highest Ownership score.

  • It brings up your energy and hunger! No, sadly.

  • These should, therefore, be the first commands you teach.

  • However, finicky pets might need everything to be clean. After a long time eh?

  • A dog trained to be Respectful will chew only on a chew toy and never on the furniture.

They will easily make friends out of other pets and Sims which might be handy. Sleeping on low-value goods isn't that exciting, but it's a living. D-pad up: Use the D-pad up to view your Sim's needs. What do you need help on? I suggest picking ingredients with high hunger points beef, lama, and dangleberry and making a shake or barbecue with them. A button: The A button in direct mode is how you interact with other Sims and objects.

The social worker will arrive agmecube take the baby. Select the same floor tile from the catalog, point to the spot you want to change, and repeat sims 2 pets gamecube tips to lose weight rotation process. You can get the Ms. If yuo like PC version put number One in yuor message. Invite Household Now you can invite over multiple Sims from a household, even if your Sim has only met one of them. Interactions: Relax: Pets will use the house instead of the floor to replenish Comfort.

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Instead, cats claim those they know well as their very own with the Mine Relationship. The Sim will be returned a couple of hours later with a moodlet pertaining to aliens and abduction. Dani : TO: the pimp You wlak up to it?

  • When yuo eat Compopizza you get MAXmotivatet and you love yourself. Anyway, after you win, talk to Celina Hawbaker.

  • This Sim would like to have a job in Education.

  • Options one and two have 1 colour choice, option 3 has 2, option 4 has one colour choice, option 5 has 2 colour choices and option 6 has 3 choices.

Likewise, Comfort decays 33 percent faster with each older age group. Private messages My forums Cheat book Go to control panel. Back to questions list. Coffee Table.

Start: Pres start to pause the game and give you the menu. Control Stick: The control stick is the way you control your Sim in direct mode. The first is that they are less likely to be sprayed by a skunk. SOFA: Buy any sofa you like, because you won't really be using it that much. Continue Pet Care I'll give you a quick overview of the traits.

If pwts are in a pinch, I suggest making an "energy drink" with mangosteen frood tree, the most expensive one strawberry, passion fruit, and one other fruit of your choice. Use treadmill or cheat cas. With all the expantions that are out is there a way to get a child sim to lose weight. The very last thing you can buy is a chicken checkers thingy. The Sim they are interacting with will not want to be around them. The way your Sim acts and acts towards other Sims will depend on how many points you give each trait.

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Non-neat Sims will always leave a puddle and will leave the dish on the table when done. From 7pm, they will transform from normal Sim self to become a Werewolf, regardless on whether there is a moon shining or clouds blocking out the moonlight. Move quickly to this delectable treat of treats to munch the nutrients of prolonged youth as your Pet resists aging. You can change the thickness of the tail as well as choosing the shape of it. After they age from that, they go directly to their adult age.

From here they can be adopted by phone into any household. Kirk gives the same advice as Celina. Also how dow you get aducted by aliens? The second problem is that some Sims may not want to be a werewolf. Once you have enough trees, you may get a wolf or two to show up on your lot. Just as in Create A Sim, the modifier tools are based on collections of preset features that represent some typical or iconic appearance. If the Special Event Camera is enabled, the Sim's return will trigger a cutscene.

These pets often react indifferently to playful or affectionate interactions. Fresh off the press - the July 6th Laundry List! Toy Shop This is where you buy toys for dogs and cats alike. Drinking espressos, sleeping, and taking power naps increase this need. It looks like a normal dog but isn't. There are several to choose from, but first, it is best to do this over a period of time. I also never let my sims eat unless the bar is yellow and for sims actively trying to loose weight I wait until it is in the orange before they eat.

Just teach it tips lose the tricks pets gamecube can sims. How irresponsible. Confused and tisp, the couple leaves, only to quickly return with the realtors weight their side. Only one pet can eat from the bowl at a time, so you may need multiple bowls for multiple pets. Hanz turns around with a triumphant smile on his face, only to find an entire squad poised for action and eager to rectify the embarrassment of being captured.

Entertainment Software Association, and may only be used with their permission and authority. Please just answer here if you know ok: thanks. Changes to coat do not affect genetics. Ok lets start.

Gaecube doing this, you will gain your skill without losing your money. Register Don't have an account? Then you started work with Corina in Veterinary Medicine. Hugo is temporary insane and believed a giant rabbit hid his dog's favourite toy. I have the Trophey up, but i cant seem to activate it…so chea.

  • Have a title of what you are sending so I know what is going on. If two accessories conflict, the newer will be activated while the conflicting one will be turned off.

  • Energy: Pets don't have coffee pots to restore their Energy meters.

  • You may be able remedy this by going into adjacent lots and flattening them, too.

  • After they age from that, they go directly to their adult age. I'll have a nice list below.

Recipes are provided. They will always what some- thing or another to do,l and often it involves you, the Sim owner. This isn't just a simple basic animal. Introduction 2.

Hyper pets need less sleep, so they decay more slowly. These should, therefore, be the qeight commands you teach. Lazy dogs will be less likely to dig and Hyper dogs more likely. Select Scold from the Teach menu to scold. Personality and the adoption fee display below. If you want to get a specific track from within one of the larger files such as the stereo music you will need a program capable of editing MP3 files. This is the follow up to the Sims 2 on GBA which one of my guide is based on as well.

Cats are naturally clean, always licking themselves and making sure their meters are nice and high. Don't forget about teaching it how to go on the toilet! Wapple's hand a little too much and decide to let the elder discover the sofa on her own.

Species: Cats are more willful and, therefore, more difficult by 25 percent to train. If you select Yes, the pet is returned by the Cop and is restored to the household. If the first pet accepts, it goes and asks the other pet, which decides based on its relationship with the first pet. Head to the back and restore the painting. Posted: oct 07, pm Best answer. Cece : i need thr derial number 4 sims family pc pack.

Then, you will have to click on the game options button, which can be seen as the wheels. I also never let my sims eat unless the bar is yellow and for sims actively trying to loose weight I wait until it is in the orange before they eat. There is a requirement on the amount of promotions that you need. Cowardly pets are all to happy to avoid getting in the way of the Aggressive pet and submit. Always on the defensive, it isn't wise to tamper with "their" things or push them around.

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Halo on badge with angelic wings 81 - Tuxedo Own a penguin and survive a week This is a major problem as many people have emailed and complained that they had a penguin and survived a week on it and no medal. The player then has the option to form a tribe of Sims if the relationship is strong enough. When one pet witnesses another pet using an object for which it has gained significant Ownership points, it can Challenge the other pet.

During training, the bird will show a weigjt bar. Bob Hopeman : i did that thing where you type in the symbols when the ea thing comes up and i realised that you can now fill your pets bowls with dry or wet food for free. Now, off to find a cat. Interactions: Chew: Dogs will chew this toy to satisfy both Fun and Chew. Yell At is always accepted. Hi why cant you build more than a one story building on sims 2 ps2 and why cant they have babies?

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So i love these Cheats. Find Hugo and give one to him. For example, if a console player unlocks the Orange Cat Hat and trades the code to a friend with the PC version, the friend will receive the Navy Hearts Collar for Cats. This will sooner or later cure your disease. Panel 5.

Not making much progress due to writers block and lack of information. To move into a Guard position, your pet must be taught to Stay. All the promotions you got will be gone! Dogs who are genius and finicky will tend to be housebroken very quickly.

  • Only Pigpen pets will reliably use a super dirty litter box; Finicky will refuse to use it and Normal will be more likely to pee elsewhere.

  • Furniture means anything that is considered even usable, that includes items such as electronics, which, in reality, would give a n explosion, if not, a zap. Sims with this aspiration will want to fall in love, get married, and have a puppy or kitten.

  • Once it becomes dirty, Sims can clean it earning Cleaning skill.

  • Truffles are found through the command hunt.

  • Fun interactions with pets go both ways, but Sims get more Fun from playing with dogs than with cats.

  • Pay attention to the pet's itchiness as you use the shampoo to remove the itchy fleas. Forgot your username or password?

For example, only large dogs may do the Chill interaction on bay windows looking out the aeight with paws on the sill. Do you like video games more now or sometime in the past? In fact, it works almost exactly the same. The pet kicks out for standard skill training exits for example, low Needs. Back to the cemetery and the dog will thank you. Doing any of these will automatically revert you to Full-Tile mode.

By sims 2 pets gamecube tips to lose weight the daylights out of his cat, he will give you a command scroll of Super Jump and an alien artifact. Sarah : Hey wiked how do i have kids though thanx email me plz. There is, however, no fine imposed for this removal. While this is true in ordinary Sims titles, other titles are more open in their methods of reaching engagement, whereas the process in Castaway is somewhat fixed. He will give you the skill of fire breath. Selecting the Octagonal Room tool and clicking on the lot yields a nice, tidy three-by-three octagonal room. You can go into the general store here.

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Use treadmill or cheat cas. Their kitten or puppy stage is relatively short, lasting only 4 days. The first is that they are less likely to be sprayed by a skunk. Topic Archived.

It will be much kinder on you wallet, and easier. You can hire a maid. No, sadly. They do not belong to any owner. Control Stick: The control stick is the way you control your Sim in direct mode. This is my first guide, so expect some mistakes.

There are only two fur accessories for you to choose from. I'm hoping she gamecjbe when I go and play someone else. With her hands help out, Mrs. Fun is simple to maintain. Since I assume your not cheating, and your person is not a millionaire, you are probably going to buy pretty cheap stuff until your Sim starts making some cash. I'll give a quick overview of all the aspiration and personality types. Z button: Use the Z button to switch between direct and classic mode.

Do not sell this document or claim it as si,s own or you will be punishable under the law. Cats are naturally clean, always licking themselves and making sure their meters are nice and high. All encourage and discourage interactions is enabled, you are now able to teach commands, provide your pets with jobs as well as continuing the family line, to breed. Most of the toys in Buy Mode are for cats; dogs get a bigger kick out of interaction and digging holes.

Personality traits are set to random positions see panel 6. There is nothing you can learn from a master anymore, and you have to choose your own path. A Sim who has been abducted will have a negative "Abducted" moodlet for 10 hours. Step 3, choose your shirt type.

Outgoing Sims is pets gamecube tips that you have some lose weight assigned to this one also, but not too many! The stove might catch on fire, costing you a lot of money! Cancel X. Luckily, they're not nearly as demanding about when or what to consume. Dogs conversely get dirty a lot, especially if they decide to roll around in dirt or pee puddles. That is, small dogs can only breed with small dogs, large dogs with large dogs, etc, etc. It will be much kinder on you wallet, and easier.

If they disrespect the furniture, that basically means they scratch or chew the furniture, depending on the type of pet. Make sure their needs are filled, at lest decently. Like Sims, pets will probably get the biggest boost to Comfort when they sleep. Anyway, pick and choose what you want. It has glowing yellow eyes. If you have enough money left over, buy a garden swing.

It is here that you can encourage and discourage behaviours except for a few. D-pad right: Use the D-pad right wsight view the pets or people in the area and what social status your are with them. The more body skill you have, the faster you will fill in the dirt piles, the more heavy weight you can lift, and your Sim will run faster on a treadmill.

Apparently the criminal masterminds used the first fire as a diversion to lure the Rescue Squad away - the Chief sims 2 pets gamecube tips to lose weight right all along! All you need to do is to wait till they lay on the floor or go back to the pet house. Well, onto the traits. There is cheat gnome, however. The energy bar will go up very slowly, slowing down study time, thus slowing down promotions! If you build up a high enough relationship with the stray, you can adopt the stray pet as your own.

Cake with 11 cherries with blue background 20 - Tastebuds Build your Cooking skill to level No longer fully trained, the pet becomes slightly more likely to do the unwanted behavior but will still act mostly as trained. Environment: 1, Lowers chance of thieves and ninjas. When pets are being scolded or praised, a two-way progress bar shows whether the pet is learning the positive or negative behavior.

Either way, it will work. Hostile pets are more likely to develop negative relationships and break out fights. Or, if you want, a cross between a Wombat and a Rat. Though delicious, the Board of Imported Food Approvals and Tourism does not apprive of the ham's curing process, which involve rare species that unnecessarily drive up prices. Anyway, you can build up a relationship with the stray if you wish and there is a reason to do this.

He sends you to Kirk. Pets showing this icon have done something that can be reinforced. The Neighborhood View and Control Modes. This does not harm the Sim, although he or she will bounce. Angie : how does unlocking all of the lots work? Frankie : how do u get the cheat gnome?????

Skills: None, already at highest level. You can easily adjust to it and even become pro at it with the help of my guide. Once you've found or created your perfect home, it's time to decorate! Can you have kids on the Sims 2 Pets for game-cube? Add it to DO restaurant menus if you don't want sims to own the machines. Since I assume your not cheating, and your person is not a millionaire, you are probably going to buy pretty cheap stuff until your Sim starts making some cash. They will hardly interact so if you are busy, they won't interact with you.

Tails it is. Those are all the ones I have for now, but if anyone knows anymore good ones, please e-mail me and I'll be sure to add them with credit! These are the traits of the pet that you can have.

  • The Sims 2 Pets Question and Answers :. At conception, the genetics simulator decides how many offspring the litter will yield and from how many eggs the litter will draw.

  • JOBS: There are several careers to choose from, each paying a different amount. That is that you cannot actually call the pets over and invite them for a chat so to speak.

  • Need Comfort per hour Social per hour Energy per hour. Jump up, flip forwards three times, and land.

  • Table Lamp Wildflower Bouquet.

  • Cuz i want the songs btu i only know Trivium from there.

You will never see a kid in the game. Unlike other Paranormal creatures, such as Zombies and Ghosts, lose weight Werewolves can gamecube tips and have children just like a tk Sims pets. They must be cared for and watched over. All Rights Reserved. You can choose an automatic one or you can do your own. You can pick the one you want and then place it. The Kibble of Life will remove 5 days from the aging meter, restoring, or rather, giving, 5 more days for the pet to live.

You don't want them to be pigpen because they will create messes and start to stink. Anything from Puss in Boots to Kitty. They have hats glasses, hoodies, shirts, and yes, even shoes. JOBS: There are several careers to choose from, each paying a different amount. Forgot your username or password?

Gaemcube Posts: 7, Member. This key is the unlockables and you will be able to input the codes here. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? How do I change a sims parent? Doofus or Gifted This trait decides whether your dog will be smart or stupid.

Disease: If sims 2 pets gamecube tips to lose weight fatal disease is not treated for ten days the Sim will die. Aims pet is immediately added to the household with relationships randomly set for all existing inhabitantsand the Cop congratulates and extracts the fee from Family Funds. When a pet is doing something reinforceable, the Praise for… and Scold for… menus become available to your Sims. Praise for… and Scold for… are available only for the most recent action. Memories: Every time a pet is sprayed, it gets a memory of being sprayed.

Most obviously, puppies and kittens are smaller than adult and elder pets. Meanwhile, Evan needs to find Elza but doesn't know who she is. Go see Davor. DANI : Chloe. The way each species can replenish their Hygiene is dramatically different.

Either buy 2 pets so the pets can interact itps each other when they feel the need, or interact with them yourself by playing with them, or teaching them tricks. Dogs will be more likely to escape from their owner given them a bath. Being taught to Speak is the key to moving into a Contraband Sniffer position. They will only start this behaviour when they are hungry, there is no pet food and there is Sim food lying around. All you have to do is clean the litter box, or scold the dog when he pees elsewhere.

Rip Co. Genres: Simulation. Look at the feng shui at the bottom to see whether it is good to place it there or not. Thats the end of that.

It's like getting a good night's sleep instantly. T way each species can replenish their Hygiene is dramatically different. How a pet reacts to or forces a challenge depends on its Personality. Don't forget to scoop by pressing the B Button. The toilet bar is the bladder bar. Octagonal Room Tools Instead of dragging individual walls to make octagonal spaces, the new Octagonal Room tool lets you drop and adjust an octagonal room to suit your whims.

Anyway, you can now pick the gender, Male or Female, whatever floats your boat. Cats and small dogs however can fit anywhere. It replaces romance. They'll want a job in business.

  • Bronze medal with spade indent and blue ribbon 95 - Silver-Spades Take 2nd place in the Spades competition. This is a very powerful cheat that enables many new things.

  • You can have colours such as red, cream and golden, but to have some more bizarre colours, you have to unlock them, either through playing the game, or by using the unique codes I have below. This FAQ is for personal use only.

  • Console Locate the unlocked fashion item, fur color, marking color, or marking pattern in Create a Cat or Create a Dog and highlight it to display its current code. In duels, you perform your routine once against a single opponent.

  • But try this Passion fruit- Strawberry-Cherry- Tryffel. Haley : e.

  • To see how many skill points or friends your Sim needs to ggamecube promoted, go to start, personal info, and cycle through until you get to careers. Wheatley didn't have a chance to eat so he'd like to head out to get lunch, but at the same time he knows he can't leave the children alone.

However, finicky pets might need everything to be clean. This will deal with the size gamfcube the eye and how high it is above the face of the cat. Keep me logged in on this device. You'll have more fulfilling food, making it easier to keep your Sim's hunger bar up. Add it to DO restaurant menus if you don't want sims to own the machines.

JENI : do you have story mode cheats??????????????????????????? You skms need to win the diamonds competition. Talk to him and he sends you to Jade. First choose a gender. Pets can chew or scratch many household objects mostly furniture. You rent the home, you must pay the initial down payment and then pay the rent at the start of each week.